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Features of automatic PCB loading machine

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    Features of automatic PCB loading machine

    Jan 10,2020
    Features of automatic loading machine:

    1. Microcomputer control, stable and reliable operation;

    2. Fuji button or touch screen control panel can be selected, which is convenient for man-machine dialogue;

    3. Multiple audible and visual alarm functions;

    4. Standard material box can be used, with strong universality, and three material racks can be placed;

    5. The lifting step distance of the material rack can be set according to the thickness of PCB. The step distance can be divided into four types (10,20,30,40mm)

    6. The feeding machine has a built-in push plate mechanism, which eliminates the need to buy a separate push plate machine;

    7. With automatic counting function, it is convenient for production statistics; Equipped with signal communication structure, it can be connected with other machines online
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